Group Activities

Any corporate event, conference or incentive event is like a celebration. Guests are getting together and spending hours travelling – usually across the globe – to spend some quality time together. Along with the main purpose of your conference or event, there is always free time to be filled.

Most companies are eager to utilise every minute of their guests’ presence, not only with skill-building activities, but also with a good portion of rest and relaxation. Free time is very often organised into some sort of activity. If team building is not exactly what you are looking for in these moments, then group activity might just do the trick.

The main purpose of our group activities is to let guests enjoy their free time. A typical group activity is a guided discovery tour of Prague. However, it could also be a culinary experience or a light sporty activity, but always with some kind of discovery or cultural experience in mind. Our group activities are designed with some unique elements, which will turn a simple activity into something much more memorable. Our personal approach and input into group activities has always been well appreciated by our guests. Check below for some of our group activity suggestions.