Ice Stock – exciting team building in Prague

The Ice Stock game is a very popular sport, similar to curling.

Ice Stock players slide stocks (stones) over an ice surface with the aim of reaching as close as possible to the appointed target (known as daube). Players are divided into teams of four. There are always two teams competing against each other. The purpose of the game is to collect as many points as possible. Ice Stock team building is easy to play – full of fun, strategy and teamwork. Ice Stock is an ideal activity during any corporate cathering in Prague.

about Ice Stock
Ice Stock - exciting team building

Ice Stock facts

  • Ideal for 20-160 guests
  • Duration of the game: 1-1.5 hours
  • Teams of 4 players
  • Lot of fun, excitement, strategy and teamwork
  • It keeps guests within their comfort zones
  • Easy to play for anyone, regardless of age or skill level
  • Can be played in all weather!
  • Arena temperature: 2-4 degrees Celsius
  • Warm clothes highly recommended
  • The Ice Stock equipment, a moderator, referees and arena rental are provided by us
  • We also supply prizes for the winning team
  • Hot drinks, music, branding, photographer and many other services can be added upon request

The right corporate team building

Team building activities are often a key part of any conference. Team building can be organised for employees of one company, or for guests from various companies who get together for a conference.

The purpose of each team building activity is very simple, but it’s not always simple to achieve. Team building must be enjoyable for your guests, created in a way that will not set guests outside of their comfort zone. Most team building activities are organised to entertain guests as ice breakers. Some of the activities are made in a way so that guests can cooperate on a different level than at work. It’s also common that team building is formed to allow guests to express their true personalities. The value of team building is not reflected by the price, but in the overall outcome to guests.

Ice Stock Prague team building encompasses every aspect of a successful team building. It is perfect for those looking for a fun and light sporty activity. Ice Stock easily breaks barriers when guests don’t know each other. It is a strategy-oriented game, allowing for different personalities to work together and play major roles in the final scores. It’s easy to play and doesn’t set anyone out of their comfort zone.

We have organised many successful Ice Stock games and corporate tournaments. To make organising Ice Stock team building easier in Prague, we can arrange transportation in Prague, lunch, group dinner in Prague and many other event services.

Team building planning in Prague

Some event organisers arrange the majority of event services on their own, without any help from an agency. However, those who prefer to take advantage of an experienced event agency are much more likely to have a successful, memorable event.

Team building is a service where nearly all event organisers could benefit from the know-how of a professional event management company. Team building events are more than just a “book-and-go” type of service. Team building is a matrix of feelings, skills and emotions, where precise planning is a must!

Ice Stock Prague has been on the market for more than a decade. This team building activity has been tuned up to maximum volume and guest satisfaction. We quickly identify your expectations and come up with solutions that will make your dream come alive. A team building event with us is not only about the planning and the minute details, but it’s also about letting you relax, knowing that we have everything under control.

Your teams will cheer for you, for choosing us as your Prague team building organiser!

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Lunch / Dinner

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