Other Team Building Activities

We are well aware that our excellent Ice Stock game is not the only team building option available in Prague. We have long-term experience in creating the right team buildings for our clients. Your suggestions, combined with our skilled event professionals, are a recipe for success.

When deciding on your team building activity, you will probably think of the following topics:

  • Content – which can be more relaxed, or focused on a specific corporate topic
  • Physical requirements – some options require only light physical activity, whereas others are very sporty
  • Location - you may also consider indoor versus outdoor team building options
  • Weather and season – can play a major role in your decision
  • Uniqueness – this can’t be overlooked, as it is expected that your team is well travelled and has experienced a variety of team buildings already

Prague Team Building Ideas

Every client has a different tastes and expectations for their team building. We have been on the market long enough to clearly understand your expectations; we know how to match what you are looking for with the team building ideas that will be most beneficial to your group. If the Ice Stock game is not the right option, don’t be gloomy! Hand the reigns over to us and we will find an activity that fits your needs. Please find a few of our most popular team building options below.