Ice Carving

Ice carving is a pretty straight forward team building activity. Frozen water and a couple of tools play a major role, while your imagination and creativity allow for incredible masterpieces to see the light of the world.

We create teams of five members, which will allow everyone to work on the masterpiece. Each team gets a block of ice - which is about 1 metre tall - gloves, glasses and a set of chisels. A short explanation is given about how to work with the ice and chisel. We then issue a topic, and teams have a set amount of time to bring their visions into reality.

Ice Carving team building can run all year round, even in hot summer months. It can be prepared anywhere with enough space for ice blocks, and teams to work around them. We normally rent a space in the heart of Prague, and combine Ice Carving with a short walk through the historical downtown (or any other group activity).

Ice Carving is also an ideal activity for incentive groups in Prague. Refreshments such as beer, hot drinks and snacks can be prepared throughout the activity. Ice Carving usually lasts between 1-1.5 hours, depending on the amount of creativity teams put into their masterpieces!

Ice Carving is a light team building activity which can be combined with any other group activity in Prague, or as a stand-alone evening event. It can be prepared for minimum of 10 guests, but there is no limit on the maximum amount of guests. Individual teams can vote on the best masterpiece, and final masterpieces can be transferred by us to anywhere in Prague – venue or hotel - where it can serve as a decoration for the rest of your event.

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