Creative Lab

Creativity plays a major role in this team building, but don’t worry: Creative Lab includes all elements of a successful team building such as teamwork, fun, competition… and a desire to win!

The Creative Lab team building is typically an indoor activity, but we can also prepare it in an outdoor space. At the beginning we explain the rules and purpose of this team building, then we create teams of 10 guests. Each member of the team has their own role. Each team consists of a team leader, showcase person, creative person, game players, shoppers and workers.

Each team has a table, which serves as their workshop place. At their respective tables, various props such as a selection of fabrics, old clothes, paper, glue, paint, markers, scissors, knives, etc., are displayed. Teams have two hours to think through and assemble one creation which, will represent a given topic. The topic can be (for example) your corporate uniform in 2100, or your ideal company product. Topic suggestions are endless, and we can adapt them to your company as requested. Once team members agree on what they will create, they need to select one person who will display their new creation!

In order to make the team building more interesting and interactive, there are various games prepared. By succeeding in these games, teams will win money that they can spend in our “Materials Shop”. The shop has items which can’t be find on the tables, so winning money for the Materials Shop can drastically improve the planned outcome of the team! Each game can be played only once, but there are many tasks prepared where a team could win more money. Items in the shop cost various amounts, and it’s up to each team whether they buy several cheap items or save up for one expensive splurge!

It is important that roles within the team are well divided. This is usually the job of the Captain. With only two hours to complete the creation, one member goes play games (earn money and shop for more items), another works on the “vision” of the creation, and another will work on the presentation of the final product.

After two hours, all work is finished. Teams have their creations and it’s time to present them to the other teams on a catwalk. Each team has one minute to showcase their fabulous work on the catwalk! Music and spoken word are more than welcome to convince win the votes of the audience. At the end of the catwalk, each team has one vote. Finally, we count all votes, and team with the most votes is the winner of some fantastic prizes!

Creative Lab team building entertains every member of the team and doesn’t set anybody out of their comfort zones. The funniest part of this event comes at the end, when teams are modelling what they have created on the catwalk. Creative Lab is ideal for both large and small groups.

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