The Tale Treasure Hunt

The Tale treasure hunt is an outdoor team building activity that lets groups discover the mysteries of Prague. Teams have two hours to work each other, discover Prague, and gain the most points for the win!

At the beginning we get all guests together to create teams. A standard team has approximately 5-7 guests, which is ideal for team communication. The rules are then explained, and all necessary materials are given to each team.

The Tale is about a famous Czech King who ruled over all the land. He was happy, until one day when he lost the object of his desire. All of the King’s advisors were looking for it, but had no luck. One day, an old woman approached the King and told him that she knew where the object was. Instead of telling the King, she drew a map with all of the locations in the city where hints were hidden. By visiting of all of these locations and finding the hints, the King will find his lost object.

Each team will receive a replica of an old map of Prague, a scoring sheet and a review of all rules. Teams must visit as many marked locations as possible on the map, within the given time. At each location, teams must take a group photo with everyone in it, and resolve a riddle to gain additional points. Several bonus tasks with bonus points are located at points on the map.

Teams must create their own strategy to find the most locations within the given time. At each location, teams will be assigned a task. They will navigate through Prague on their own, but must also dedicate one team leader who is responsible for writing all answers on the scoring sheet, and another to take group photos.

The Tale treasure hunt is a great team building activity, which brings guests to both the famous and the hidden gems of Prague. The treasure hunt lasts usually two hours and covers 10 locations. It begins at the hotel and ends in a restaurant where the points are counted. Each team is fairly small to ensure that each team member is engaged.

The Tale treasure hunt is ideal for groups of 20 or more. When larger groups are interested in this team building activity, we create several versions of the maps, so that teams do not follow each other. We have successfully completed many Tale team buildings, with the largest being a group of 650 guests.

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