Team Cooking Challenge

Any team building or group activity linked with food and beverages is always a success! Especially if the food is prepared by you! The Team Cooking Challenge is a team building for everyone, even if it doesn’t sound like it at the time. It’s an activity that unleashes your taste buds and ensures some excellent, long-lasting memories.

The keys to a successful Team Cooking Challenge in Prague is finding a professional studio kitchen and chefs who know how to teach your guests how to master the culinary arts.

We work with several cooking studios in Prague, allowing us to select the one that best fits your expectations. There are some studios in Prague that are perfect for smaller groups (20-25 guests), as well as others that can accommodate up to 130 guests.

Some of the cooking studios provide an experience with a celebrity chef – even a Michelin star chef could be arranged. For any of the studios, it is very important that they have a clear structure in place to manage and organise groups of guests from various backgrounds. Our team is passionate about gastronomy, so selecting the best cooking studio for your Team Cooking Challenge is of utmost importance to us.

The Team Cooking Challenge starts with welcome drinks and a short introduction on arrival. Teams of 5-10 guests are then created, with each team being assigned a professional chef to lead them through the experience.

Each team will then be assigned one course to prepare, including the recipe and ingredients. Teams have a few hours to prepare the meal, which they then enjoy with some paired wines and amusing games. The games are (for example): a blind tasting, potato peel or onion cutting competition. Each team is cooking enough for the other teams to have a chance to taste it. The choice of courses is fully up to you, and is selected prior the event.

Once the Team Cooking Challenge gets to its final stage, all teams serve their culinary creations on a communal table. The so-called “food fest” begins, and everyone has a chance to taste what the other teams prepared. Again, all of this is happening alongside specially selected wines – with a professional sommelier, if desired.

The Team Cooking Challenge is recommended in the morning (with food being prepared for lunch) or in the early evening (with food being prepared for dinner). It sometimes happens that the evening event continues into a lengthy chat over the food, paired with good wines and dancing to a DJ!

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