City Hunt on Electric Scooters

Are you looking to discover Prague in an interactive and exciting way? Are you tired of following tour guide, and would prefer a more active approach to learning about the city? Exploring with a City Hunt on electric scooters may be the activity for you!

Electric scooters are all the rage these days – think bicycles without pedals, powered by electric battery. Electric scooters are very simple to ride; the maximum speed is limited to about 25 km/hr.  A fully charged battery lasts approximately three hours, which is more than enough for a fruitful team building experience in Prague. Electric scooters are built to carry a person with a maximum weight of 110 kgs.

At the beginning of each electric scooter team building, we perform a short driving training. The training usually takes 5-10 minutes. We also give everyone a safety briefing, helmet and bottle of still water. Groups are then created, either at random or according to your preference. Each group will have a professional leader provided by us. The leader will guide groups through the city on a pre-scheduled route, all the while ensuring a safe journey.

Electric scooters are allowed to drive nearly anywhere in Prague. A regular team building starts in front of your hotel or at a nearby location, which allows time for the driving training. The “Route of the City” hunt is designed by us, based on your starting / finish location. We always include some well-known spots, as well as some hidden areas of Prague along the route. A typical City Hunt has about 15 stops within the city.

Once groups are all set on electric scooters, we provide them with simple City Hunt instructions and a city map. Teams must follow the map and find the spots marked on the map. At each spot, team has to answer a few trivia questions. By answering a question, they find out some interesting facts about where they are, and also gain some points. At some spots, a bonus activity is prepared to gain additional points. In order to make the whole activity more attractive, we can add some typical Czech culinary delights into the City Hunt route. These would be typical Czech sandwiches (“chlebicky”), homemade sausages, or sweet buns.

Teams usually have 2.5 hours to discover the city, enjoy the City Hunt and drive their electric scooters. The City Hunt allows you to cover a much larger area of Prague than you would be able to by walking. This activity is possible all year round.

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