Group Dining in Prague

Group dining is as important as any other element of an event or conference. Our team is constantly monitoring the gastronomy trends in Prague so that, based on your taste, we can find the perfect culinary experience for you and your guests. A perfectly selected restaurant pleases all of your senses, creates smiling faces and makes the message of your event much more memorable.

Prague gastronomy is growing day by day. There are thousands of restaurants, bistro’s and culinary spots within downtown of Prague. Do you like it casual or fine dinning? Would you prefer a restaurant or bistro only found by locals? Are you looking for exceptional culinary experience or would you rather discover street style dinning? All that is possible with our personal knowledge and love for food.

Taste few of our Prague culinary suggestions below. We have lot more and will be happy to share those with you upon your interest. To make it all super easy for you, we can combine dininng with any other services such as group transportation, pre-dinner (lunch) group activity, background music and many more.