The name of the restaurant comes from a water mill which used to exist on the same spot where the restaurant is today. (Yes, the Vltava river flows underneath Mlýnec restaurant.) The design of the restaurant is very modern and dynamic, with the service and cuisine boasting the highest level of quality. The open kitchen and view of the iconic Charles bridge make for a prestigious dining experience.

Mlýnec restaurant is located in the city centre, right next to the aforementioned Charles Bridge. The restaurant provides one large space, which is ideal for larger corporate groups looking to enjoy lunch or dinner in one room. For smaller groups, the restaurant can be semi-divided by curtains. Mlýnec is often used for various corporate events, ensuring that the staff is well-trained and know how to deal with a large number of guests coming for lunch or dinner at one time. In the hot summer months, the glass wall facing Charles bridge fully opens up. Dining next to Charles bridge and listening the flow of the Vltava river is a must-have experience. You can’t make a mistake dining at Mlynec!

Style: Fine Dining
Total capacity: 280 seats
Others: One open space which can be semi-divided

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