In the Czech language, Špejle means a skewer – and all food items served in this restaurant are on one! This trendy bistro is quite popular with both locals and tourists. Špejle bistro represents one of the proud Czech traditions called “Chlebíček” - an open-face sandwich.

Chlebíček is a slice of bread decorated with all kinds of ingredients to make it really tasty. At Špejle they make their chlebíčky in a luxury style. Besides cold chlebíčky items, there are standard hot and sweet varieties to choose from. These are provided in mini portions, so you can taste more than one! All of the food here is self-service. Simply get to the buffet as many times as you wish, but don’t forget to put the skewer from each food item into the cup on each table (the amount of skewers creates your bill)!

The Špejle bistro has three main areas with high or low tables and chairs. The capacity is approximately 100 seats in all areas. The bistro is very modern, fresh and provides an innovative format of dining. Their food items include best sellers, as well as daily specials. Špejle bistro is ideal for those who are looking for an easy-going lunch or dinner. It’s often recommended as part of a group activity in the city, or prior to a team building activity in Prague.

Style: Casual
Total capacity: Approximately 100 seats
Others: 3 rooms, self-service buffet style

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