Villa Richter

Villa Richter is situated on the hill next to Prague Castle, overlooking the city of Prague. Villa Richter was built in 1832 and has had various uses over the years. It underwent a full renovation in 2006-2008, including a reconstruction of the vineyards surrounding the villa.

Villa Richter has two main dining areas: Piano Nobile is a fine dining restaurant located within the premises of the villa, comprising several smaller rooms and a glass room. This part of the Villa is ideal for smaller groups of up to 40 guests.

Piano Terra is a permanent tent connected to the villa. It has a capacity of 100 seats overlooking the city centre, and is heated in the winter months. The tent walls can be opened up to allow for a breeze during hot summer days. The tent is exclusively used for corporate and private events.

Villa Richter provides one of the nicest views of the historic city centre and surrounded city landscape. It can be perfectly connected with a walk through the Prague Castle courtyard prior arriving to Villa Richter for lunch or dinner. Wines from local vineyards are served in the restaurant, which makes it very authentic.

Style: Fine and Casual Dining
Total capacity: Approximately 100 seats in several rooms in Piano Nobile, 100 seats in Pianno Terra
Others: Breath-taking view of the city centre, noise restriction after 10:00 pm at the Piano Terra (no live music)

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