Historical Tram Ride

Unconventional, with a bit of nostalgia and excitement: that is the Prague Historical Tram Ride. Take a scenic trip in a superb, well-maintained tram, which dates back to the 1920’s – 1940’s. Historical trams are not available to just anyone, but if you order them exclusively for your Prague Event, they can reach nearly any area of Prague.

The history of trams in Prague goes back to 1875 when horses were pulling tram wagons through the city. The first electric tram was used in Prague in 1891 and was operated by a private owner. The city of Prague bought all electric trams from various private providers between 1897 – 1907, which gave birth to the Prague Public Transit Company. The same company still operates today – but, of course, with modern trams.

Prague owns one of the largest collections of historical trams in the world. All trams are still functioning and kept in excellent condition. The oldest trams date back to the 1920’s, but there are some newer versions in the collection too.

Each wagon of an historical tram has a capacity of around 25 guests, but several wagons can be connected together. These capacities are comfortable, allowing all guests to take a seat during the tram ride. We can accommodate groups of up to 300 guests at one time for a historical tram ride.

Our event managers will meet guests in the hotel lobby, or anywhere else you wish to begin the activity. We will then create groups of 50 guests and walk them to the nearest tram stop. It is essential that we are at the tram stop on time, prior arrival of the historical tram, because historical trams are using same tram lines as those used by the public. To have everything completely under control, we have one event manager in each tram. This allow us to monitor where the tram is and transport the group accordingly. This is designed for guests’ comfort, as we don’t want people to be waiting for too long at the tram stop, but we also don’t want to rush guests on the way to it.

The route of the historical tram is limited only by the location of the tram tracks. From our experience, the Historical Tram Ride can be paired with most of the conference venues and boutique hotels in Prague’s city centre. We design the route of the historical tram according to the start and end points, incorporating the most interesting sights of the city. The Historical Tram Ride is typically 20-30 minutes. This is more than enough to enjoy the experience, see the city and get to your final location.

In order to make you Historical Tram Ride more memorable, we can provide an additional special tour guide for each wagon. The guide can speak about Prague’s history in general, but also the locations the tram passes by. While the tour guide talks, guests can enjoy small refreshments, such as sparkling wine, beer or water, together with salty pretzels, cold canapés or energy bars.

The Historical Tram Ride is an ideal team activity for small groups of 10, but also for large corporate events of up to 300 guests. Historical trams are often used as a mode of transportation when starting a Prague discovery in the morning, as part of your afternoon activity, but most commonly as transportation to dinner.

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