City Orientation Walking Tour

The City Orientation Walking Tour is the simplest - yet also the most popular - tour in Prague. This tour is highly recommended for guests who have just arrived in Prague and want to discover the city. The tour is very flexible in terms of both duration and route. Your guests can choose what sites they wish to see and how much time they want to spend with the tour guide.

Conferences and events are often attended by guests arriving to Prague from all over the world. Some guests may arrive a day prior the conference or event, while some are arriving at the last minute. Every event organiser is often thinking about how to utilise every minute of their guests’ stay in Prague. To get the most out of your conference, the time should always include a little bit of fun! Our event organisers know that quality free time in Prague is just as important as working hours.

The City Orientation Walking Tour is often organised prior to the beginning of a conference or event, once guests are gathered together in Prague. The tour generally begins it the hotel lobby, and everyone who has already arrived is more than welcomed to join. The nice thing is that besides arranging for a tour guide, the organisation is 100% flexible.

Once guests get together it the hotel’s lobby, the tour guide will present the route of the walking tour. Depending on where the hotel is located within Prague, the walking tour usually includes sites such as Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and many more. This tour is an introduction to Prague but can also be a way to introduce your guests to the conference or event to come.

Are you ready to discover Prague on foot? It’s very simple: get in touch with us and we’ll tell you all the tips and tricks on how to start your conference or event in the best way – with the City Orientation Walking Tour.

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