Exclusive Visit to Strahov Monastery Library

The Premonstratensian Monastery at Strahov was founded in 1143. It is the oldest Premonstratensian monastery in the Czech Republic and is one of the most important architectonical sights. The monastery’s library is one of the best preserved and most valuable libraries in the world, counting approximately 200,000 books and artefacts. This exclusive visit to the library is a “wow factor” experience.

The oldest section of the library, the Baroque Theological hall, was established between 1671 and 1674. The second room, Philosophical hall, dates from 1794. Both rooms are located on the same floor and are connected through corridors.

Strahov Monastery is located close to Prague Castle, in the wider downtown area of Prague. It can easily be reached by any mode of transportation. We can arrange a special visit to the Strahov Monastery library, so you will have a chance to see parts of the library that visitors normally can’t see. The library visit is always performed with a professional tour guide, who explains the history of the monastery and library, as well as interesting facts about the books and artefacts on a display.

An exclusive group visit to the Monastery library must be ordered in advance and booked for a certain time. The very comfortable guided visit lasts approximately 30-50 minutes, depending on how deep into the history and facts you wish to go. Sparkling wine, soft drinks and even cold canapés can be served during the library visit.

The Strahov Monastery library is ideal for any group size up to about 100 guests. In such cases, we will create two groups of 50 guests. Each group will have its own tour guide and will stay in one of the two rooms. Eventually, groups will swap rooms.

An exclusive visit to the Strahov Monastery is recommended during the day, when starting your discovery of Prague, or prior to dinner, when combined with welcome drinks and canapés.

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