River Cruise

Where there is a river in the city, there are various boats offering river cruises. The Vltava river cuts through Prague and is full of boats both large and small. Not every boat provides services for team events, and not every boat provides the same level of service. Our know-how will ensure that we match you with the best boat to fit your needs.

Along the Vltava river flows through historical sites such as the famous Charles bridge, the Prague Castle and old town, through the so-called Royal mile.

The Vltava River Cruise is an ideal way to discover the city, but also as part of your pre-dinner activity, as most of the boats dock in the historical city centre. A typical river cruise lasts an hour and covers the area in the city centre which is located between the two locks (everything located between these two locks is what you want to see!).

The river cruise will include cruising underneath the famous Charles bridge and along Kampa island, houses of government, Rudolfinum concert hall and many other historical buildings. Guests will have chance to also see Prague Castle, the metronome, Petrin tower and the National Theatre.

If your group is smaller, we have excellent wooden boats with a capacity of up to 32 guests. These boats are constructed in a way that they reach areas where no other boats are allowed to go. Should your group have 100 guests – or even 300 guests – we have very modern boats with glass roofs, which can slide to the side.  Such boats change to floating open decks, which is perfect in hot summer months.

The River Cruise can be implemented into your morning or afternoon group events, or it can serve as a stand-alone group activity with welcome drinks prior to dinner. A tour guide, boat branding, or even a live band can be added to maximise your time on the cruise. An hour river cruise is ample time, and most of the boats can start and end on both riverbanks. We can then easily walk you to your next team event or to the restaurant for lunch or dinner.

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