Beer Tasting

Did you know that Czechs are the largest beer consumers per capita in the world? Did you know that Pilsner beer is brewed in the Czech Republic and is also a world-renowned style of brewing, with many breweries adopting the same method? If you want to discover at least a little bit about the Czech beer history and culture that Czechs are so proud of, then Prague Beer Tasting is an excellent choice for your corporate group event.

A beer tasting sounds like an activity for someone who is a big fan of beer, but the reality is completely different! The time when beer was just a bitter liquid served in a very ordinary pubs is long gone. Nowadays, beer is a science and a passion of the brew master. It’s a harmony of various tastes and will to deliver a beverage with a true story behind it.

Beer tasting can take place anywhere – in the hotel meeting room, a restaurant or in a privately rented venue. Beer tasting is usually organised as part of your afternoon group activity, or prior to dinner. As part of the beer tasting, we provide all the necessary equipment (including glasses and beer), which we deliver to your chosen venue.

Beer tasting is not about getting guests drunk! During a 60-90-minute beer tasting, you will taste approximately 10 small beer samples (each of shot size). As part of the beer tasting, we also serve everyone with one large 0,5l Pilsner Urquell beer and some small local nibbles.

Our dedicated beer specialist will guide you through the tasting, speaking about each sample’s origin, taste, colour and smell. For authenticity, all beer served during the beer tasting is brewed in microbreweries located in the Czech Republic. 

If you want to make the beer tasting more interactive, we can prepare a “blind” tasting. A few samplers will be served to you without any description, and you will guess what kind of beer you are tasting – whether lager, IPA or dark beer.

In very special occasions, beer tasting can be incorporated into a full dinner. We can create a so-called “beer pairing dinner”, where each dinner course be served with its own beer, selected by our brew master.

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