Czech Culinary Delights Tour

Any activity linked with food and beverages is guaranteed to be a success! Our Culinary Delights Tour will take you to all of Prague’s culinary treasures - as the local gourmets know them. Typical Czech sandwiches (“chlebicky”), sausages from a Master butcher, Prague ham off the bone, or excellent Czech homemade sweets… these are just a few options you can taste during your Prague culinary discovery.

Imagine a morning or an afternoon, spent with a guide who is passionate about local cuisine, walking with you to hidden culinary spots in historical Prague. The Czech Culinary Delights Tour is an excellent team activity while in Prague for your conference, event or incentive programme.

Every culinary tour starts with an empty stomach! We gather guests in the hotel lobby, where our tour guide will introduce what they can expect for the next 2-3 hours of this activity. To get the most out of the tour, we suggest 10 guests per 1 tour guide. A typical tour is walking, but it depends on your start and end point – (where your hotel is located).  Should the hotel be outside of the city centre, we can arrange a bus to transport guests to the historical city centre.

All of our culinary hotspots are located in the historical centre of Prague, in easy walking distance from each other. As part of the tour, you will also discover some historical sights, but we still keep the main focus on delicious food and beverages.

The first culinary stop is in a popular place that serves cold deli and the typical Czech open-faced sandwich called “chlebicek”. Chlebicek is a slice of a white bread richly covered with any ingredients: these can be Prague ham with pickles and horseradish, smoked salmon with honey dew melon and mustard dill sauce, pickled camembert with cranberry jam – and much more! Chlebicky were invented by Czechs, and are part of any private or corporate celebration, meetings and other occasions.

One of the stops takes guests to most famous Prague butcher’s shop. What this shop lacks in space, it makes up for passion! Featuring all kinds of meats, salami and sausages, the Master butcher will personally introduce and explain the history of butchers in the Czech lands. While the Master butcher is explaining all about this art, hot Prague ham is being sliced and passed to you with a piece of a freshly baked bread and horseradish. Freshly smoked sausages are next, followed by the highlight – thinly sliced aged beer loin. Enjoy it as it comes from the carving board or put it on a freshly roasted bread.

It’s time to splash it all with a cold Czech beer! Yes, the beer which Czechs are so proud of – and rightly so. The golden liquid that comes in so many versions and with so many tastes. Now we transport you to a modern microbrewery which follows all Czech beer traditions but adds a bit of modern twist. Enjoy a tipple while a brew master explains his craft.

Now we finish up with something sweet. Czechs have a very long tradition of making homemade sweets. There are many sweet deserts our grandmothers made at home, usually for some kind of family celebration. Nowadays, these old recipes are refreshed and turned into art, but still keep its origin. A professional pastry chef will open up his sweet laboratory and talk about the long tradition of Czech sweets, as well as about his own sweet “secrets”.

The Czech Culinary Delights Tour can be organised for any corporate group and any mixture of nationalities. The rout – and even the menu – is flexible and can be adapted to your occasion. Contact us to begin your most delicious discovery of Prague!

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