Prague Event Venues

The event venue you choose will create the “outline” of your event. The right choice of venue will always support your company message and the overall atmosphere of the event, and will lay the foundation for lasting memories. Prague has a vast amount of venue options; some are well-known and some are hidden… but many are unique to this beautiful city.

Whether you are looking for an historical building, modern venue, industrial space, funky room or something completely out of the box, we can find it. We are happy to find you a space based on any requirement, be it size, ceiling height, accessibility, or even daylight. Let’s find a venue to fit your tastes perfectly!

Every event and conference is unique, and brings with it differing requirements and challenges. You can find many Prague venues online, but what you can’t find is the local experience with the venue.

We are Prague venue explorers. We know that selecting a venue is one of the most important aspects of your event, so we are happy to supplement our venue images with a guided video tour of your chosen venue.

A few of our favourite venues are listed below. Don’t worry if you don’t see your ideal location there – we have hundreds of other options on our list!