Žofin Palace

The origin of Žofin Palace goes deep into history. In 1784 the proper island on the Vltava river was formed after a huge flood in Prague. In 1835 the island was bought by a private owner, who decided to turn it into a cultural icon, building a restaurant, spa and houses of flats. Žofin Palace is still one of the most iconic cultural spots in the heart of Prague.

The entire Žofin island can be accessed by any size of bus, or by historical trams. The beautiful park around Žofin Palace can be used for welcome drinks and also for garden parties. Žofin Palace has two main rooms and underground cellars. The main hall of Žofin Palace has capacity of up to 700 guests. It has high ceilings, inbuilt air conditioning and built-in LED lights, which can change the atmosphere of the room just by changing the colour. The grand chandeliers make this venue one of the most prestigious and popular for gala dinners, conferences, fashion shows and concerts.

Style: Historical venue
Capacity of the largest room: Up to 1000 guests in the entire venue
Additional: Main hall, small hall, underground cellars, outdoor garden available for events, high-quality inbuilt LED lights and sound system.

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