Eco-Technical Museum

The Eco -Technical Museum is a unique industrial venue and part of the Czech Republic’s cultural heritage. It was built in the early 1900’s to clean the water of the citizens of Prague. The water treatment was functioning until 1967 when it was replaced by newer venue and technology. Since its closure, Eco Technical Museum was left untouched. There are only few such venues in the entire world.

Eco-technical museum is located approximately 10 minute-drive from downtown of Prague. Venue is very industrial and rough. Venue is suitable for all kind of events, conferences, product launches as parties and gala dinners. Venue has several larger and smaller rooms allowing larger groups to use the spaces. Eco-technical museum has and incredible historical underground which can be discovered with professional guides during any event. Venue has an industrial jewel - 100 years steam machine which is still functioning.

This venue is also ideal for team building activities!

Style: Industrial venue
Capacity of the largest room: Up to 300 guests for stand-up event
Additional: Several rooms, incredible venue underground, old steam machine

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