Prague Public Transport Museum

This museum was built for Prague Public Transport in 1909. At that time, electric trams were becoming increasingly common in Prague. The building served as depot, as well as a repair station for the trams. After 1992 it was turned into the museum of National Cultural Heritage.

The Prague Public Transport Museum consists of one large room, which still serves as a garage for historical trams. Prague has one of the largest collections of historical trams in the world. Historical trams are kept in pristine condition and can be used as a mode of transportation when getting to any Prague event. When we pick up guests at their hotel, a 20-30-minute ride through downtown will follow. All trams will then line up in front of the museum venue. The venue side doors open up, and your chosen music and lights come up. Once all of the trams park inside, the venue lights are turned on and guests are led inside for a magical experience.

Style: Industrial venue
Capacity of the largest room: Up to 300 guests for served dinner
Other: One main room. Historical trams can be used for getting guests to the venue, but also as decoration within the room. Ideal venue for gala dinners, conferences and product launches.

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