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After a trial round, the real game begins. The first stone is thrown from each team. The team with the furthest stone from the target throws their stones until they get one closer to the target than their competitor.

When this happens, the opposing team throws stones again until their stone is the closest to the target. The purpose of this team building activity is to get as many stones as close to the target as possible. Once more stones are in the game, the game becomes more dramatic.

To make Ice Stock team building even more exciting, there are some additional rules that each team has to follow. If your stone hits the opposite side of the ice fence, it’s knocked out. If your stone flips over, it’s knocked out. If your stone’s handle touches the ice, it’s knocked out. Your stone can hit the target, causing it to slide to a new position, which can completely change where all stones lie, in relation to the target.

After each set, teams rotate; the winning teams move one line left, while the losing teams remain on the same line. This allows teams to play against different opponents. In case we have more teams than we can accommodation on the ice at one time, some teams will rotate out, and will be replaced by the teams waiting outside.